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Is there a free hosting control panel like Cpanel?

Is there a free hosting control panel like Cpanel?
If you are on a budget, or just want to cut down on a few bucks, then you may look to free alternatives to CPanel.
One of which, is the Virtualmin and Webmin combo. Webmin is much like WHM, in the regard that is provides control over
services and the server itself, and Virtualmin mostly handles client accounts, domains, and so on.
We do offer an auto-install template of Virtualmin for our Linux VPS users, which may be accessed using the reinstall function
of their VPS panel.
If you need assistance with this, you may see this guide: CLICK HERE
To install Virtualmin, simply select the Virtualmin template for installation.
After reinstall, you may connect using the root login credentials at YOURIP:10000, or your domain name, port 10000.
It is worth noting that the interface is not as friendly as cPanel...So if you are a less technical user, we suggest using cpanel.
Virtualmin is also a nonstandard panel that we can only provide limited support for, however it is a wonderful choice for the tech savvy
user who wants a FREE or lightweight environment.
As always, we are just a click away in live chat or tickets should you have any questions!
Need Additional Help? Go to "Live Chat" on the Hostwinds web site if you require further assistance.

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