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Changing a password in Windows Server 2012

In Windows Server 2012, there are three ways to change your password, either via the command line or via Server Manager.

You will need

  • A Windows 2012-based VPS

Command Line

This is the fastest and most reliable method for changing your Windows password in Windows Server 2012, and works in any situation.

  1. Open PowerShell. ?You can find this on the task bar, identified with a blue, trapezoid shaped icon containing the symbols >_.

PowerShell icon 2012.PNG

  1. Type the command net user userName newPassword. ?Replace newPassword with the password of your choice, and userName with the name of the user you?re changing. ?For example, to give Administrator the password Example123, you would run net user Administrator Example123. ?The new password takes effect when you press enter.

Server Manager

This method is more difficult, but may be more familiar to users who are more comfortable with a graphical user interface. ?This method should not be used if you?re changing the password of the user presently logged into the system.

  1. From the Server Manager Dashboard, select Tools, then Computer Management.

2012 Server Manager Computer Management.PNG

  1. From the resulting Computer Management window, use the left hand tree view to go to Computer Management (Local) > System Tools > Local Users and Groups > Users. ?You will see a list of all users ?configured on the system.

  2. Right click on the user that you wish to change the password on, and click Set Password...

2012 Computer Management Set Password.PNG

  1. Enter and confirm the password in the appropriate blanks.

2012 Passwod Prompt.PNG

Windows Security Key

This method only works for the user currently logged into the system.

  1. From any screen in the VPS, use the Windows Security Key to open the security screen. ?If you?re connected via Microsoft Remote Desktop, this will be ALT+CTRL+END. ?If you?re connected via VNC or a Linux client, this will be ALT+CTRL+DEL; consult your viewer?s documentation for how to send this combination.

  2. Click on Change a password.

  3. When prompted, enter your old password, new password, and confirmation of the new password in the appropriate spaces.

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