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What can be done about E-mails going to Spam?

What can be done about E-mails going to Spam?

(There are a few options)


1. Adding a dedicated IP Address:


  • No one is sharing your IP address. Not using a shared IP helps prevent other people on the shared server from hurting e-mail deliver-ability

          If some one does a reverse IP lookup on your domain name only your site would be shown instead of all sites using the shared IP (Good for SEO) e-Mails will be sent from a IP that only you are using      
          meaning we would be able to setup SPF and DKIM keys for your domain that help with e-mail deliver-ability. 

  • You would be able to add a SSL if you ever decided to.


The IP address of your site will change causing any were from 1 hour to 48 hours of downtime
E-mail may still go to spam folder until you build the IP sending score (people marking the e-mails as not spam and mail servers not detecting direct links help)

2. Using google Apps For Business:

    (Paidhttp://www.google.com/intl/en/enterprise/apps/business/ or Microsoft Custom Domains



  • You would not be effected if other clients on the server get flagged for spam.
  • Your e-mails will have a higher chance of going directly to the inbox.
  • E-mails would not be using the Shared IP.


  • Your site/scripts will have to be configured to use SMTP and PHP mail function will not route through these services.
  • You will have to either share your administrators account for either so that we can setup the DNS zones for the change to work.

Need Additional Help? Go to "Live Chat" on the Hostwinds web site if you require further assistance.

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