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The zPanel Quick Start Guide

The zPanel Quick Start Guide


1. To connect to your zPanel admin area enter your servers IP address into your browser.

2. Login and change your zadmin password

  1. Default username and password are:
        User: zadmin
        Password: password
  2. Under Account information on the Left hand column in your zPanel admin area click Change Password. On this page just follow the on screen directions and your password will be changed.
    *Note please remember to include your password when you submit any support requests.

3. Adding your first domain:

  1. If you are not at the Zpanel Home page click the home icon in the Right hand column.
  2. Scroll Down the page to the "Domain Management" section and click "Domains"
  3. Under the "Create a new Domain" section enter your Domain name and make sure you have "Create a new Home Directory" selected
  4. Now click "Create"
  5. Now you need to go back to the home page
  6. Back down to "Domain Management" section and click "DNS Manager
  7. In the drop down box select the domain that you added and click "Select"
  8. You will now be presented a page that informs you that the DNS zones need to be created. Click "Create Records"
  9. Go back to the home page and in the bottom of the right hand column you can see the status of the domain setup on your VPS. Refresh until the indicator turns Green.
    *Note: you will need to register your nameservers with your domain registrar. If you are not sure how to do this them please open a Ticket to support including your zadmin password, the login details to your domain registrar and we would be glad to assist you.

4. Creating a database:

  1. From the Zpanel Home page click "MySQL Database" this will be under "Database Management" in the Left hand column
  2. Now under the "Create a new MySQL® database" enter the name you want to assign to your database then click "Create"

5. Adding a user to your database:

  1. From the Zpanel Home page click "MySQL Users" this will be under "Database Management" in the Left hand column
  2. Now under the "Create a new MySQL® User" enter the username you want associated with your database
  3. From the Drop Down select the database you create in the previous step
  4. Click "Create"
    *Passwords are automatically generated for security reasons
  5. Your database username and password will appear in the "Current MySQL® Users" section

6. Installing scripts with Zantastico X:

  1. From your Zpanel Home page click "Zantastico X" this will be under "File Management" in the Left hand column
    1. Click "Install" next to The script you need to install
    2. Select your Domain from the drop down
    3. If you need this installed to the root folder (Be your main Page) click the check box otherwist enter the desired folder in the "Install Folder" Field
    4. Click "Start install"
      *This may take a while to unpack the installation depending on your VPS level.
    5. Navigate in a new tab to "yourdomain.com" replace yourdomain.com with your domain and add / then the install folder if you did not install to the root directory.
    6. Follow the onscreen steps for the installation using the database and user created in previous steps.

7. Creating a FTP account:

  1. From the Zpanel Home page click "FTP Accounts" this will be found under "File Management" in the Left hand column
  2. Enter your desired FTP username and password
  3. Set the access type. | Read-only would allow someone to download files but not upload or modify | Write-only would allow someone to upload files but nor download or modify them | Full access would give someone full control including upload, download, Modify rights.
  4. Tick the option for "Use Domain directoy" and select your domain from the dropdown.

8. Creating your first e-mail account:

  1. From the zPanel Home page click "Mailboxes" this can be found under "Mail" in the Left hand column
  2. Under "Create a new mailbox" enter the desired e-mail address and select the domain from the dropdown. 
  3. Enter the desired password 
  4. Click "Create"

9. Accessing your webmail:

  1. From the Zpanel Home page click "WebMail" this can be found under "Mail" in the left hand column
  2. Click "Launch Webmail"
  3. This will take you to "RoundCube"
  4. Enter your full e-mail address and password then click "Login"

This concludes the quick start guide you can find more advanced articles here.

Need Additional Help? Go to "Live Chat" on the Hostwinds web site if you require further assistance.

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