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How do I control my VPS?

To control your VPS, login to your client area, and navigate to the following link.

Select view details for your server that you wish to apply changes to.
From here, you can scroll down and you can view the available options for your server.

  • Console - Is disabled for Budget VPS, however is enabled for our Premium and Windows
  • Reboot - This power cycles your server, turning it off and on again.
  • Shutdown - This shuts your server down, not bringing it back online
  • Rebuild - This allows you to have your server reinstalled with the OS of your choosing
  • Delete - This opens a cancellation request for your server, you can choose to have your
    server cancelled immediately or at the end of the billing cycle
  • Change Hostname - If you click the Change button next to your hostname, you can 
    change your server's hostname
  • Root Password - There are two options here, you can choose to Show your current root
    password, or you can choose to Change your root password. Please note, these options are
    only available for our Budget VPS

Below these options you can also view your usage graphs, how much memory is currently being used,
how much Hard Drive Space is being used presently. As well as traffic and load average graphs. 


VPS Control Panel

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