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How to Setup Email in Zpanel

ZPanel Email setup

1. Login to Zpanel

2. Go to Mail / Mailboxes

3. In the Create a new mailbox section

Email Address: the name you want for your email address ( Just the name, you will select the domain next. ) [emailname]@yourdomain.com
Select a domain: From the dropdown list select the domain for this email. emailname@[yourdomain.com]
Password: The password you will use to login to the pop3 server.

4. Click "Create" and you are done.

Email Client setup

If you use WebMail from the Zpanel screen just login with your email address and password.

If you use a mail client use the following settings:


Server: Your domain
No username or password
Authentication Type: All
SSL: None


Mailbox Type: Pop3
Server: Your domain
Port: Default
Username: emailname@yourdomain.com ( Your email address set in Zpanel )
Password: The password set in Zpanel
Authentication Type: All
SSL: None

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