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Initial Setup Guide

1) Download Module Packages From:?https://clients.hostwinds.com/ResellerFiles/HostwindsReseller.zip

2) Extract the Archive & Upload the extracted contents to the WHMCS root directory

3A) Activate the Addon Module by clicking the "Activate" button (as seen in the image below)

3B) Click "Configure" next to the now active module (as seen in the image below)

3C) Give your rolegroup access to use the module.

This can be done by selecting your role group, and clicking "save changes"?(as seen in the image below)

Go to Edit Products and Services in WHMCS. This can be done by selecting the "Setup" tab => "Products/Services" =>"Products/Services" (as seen in the image below)

On the Products and Services Page, Select "Create a New Group" (as seen in the image below)

4C)?At this point you will need to name the "Group", you may name the "Group" whatever you want, we recommend that you have 1 group for each "type of product". For example, to mirror exactly how we do things here at Hostwinds, you would have the following groups:

Shared Hosting
Budget VPS Hosting
Premium VPS Hosting
Windows VPS Hosting
SSD Premium VPS Hosting
SSD Windows VPS Hosting

Once you haved filled in the "Product Group Name" you can leave the rest as default, and click save changes

Please create one group for each type of product you intend to sell, once you have completed this, you may move on to step 5.

5A)?Now you will need to get your API Details from the following URL:

If you do not have an API key, then you may click the "Generate Key" button to generate an API key.


5B) In your WHMCS, go to the Services Reseller Modules Page. This can be found by clicking on ServicesReseller, under the addons tab in the dropdown menu.


5C) Fill in the email and API key that you got from step 5A into the apropriate fields, and then click the save button (as seen in the image below).

6A) Click on the Green "Create Products" Button to the right of the module you wish to create products for (as seen in the image below).

On the Product Creator page, you can select which products you wish to setup to sell. To do this, you will select the checkbox next to the Product you wish to sell, after which you will need to select the category you wish to put the product in, and finally click "Create Products"

7) Your products are now created, and ready to be sold.





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