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How to increase max upload size

Our ZPanel servers by default only allow up to a 2MB file to be uploaded.


When importing a Database you will likely have a Database larger than this.


In this case you will need to SSH into your VPS using an SSH client such as PuTTy.


Once you are SSHd in you will want to change the directory to your /etc/ directory.


       cd /etc


Next you will need to edit the file. Nano is a command that is installed on our ZPanel servers by Default.

      nano php.ini



At this point you will want to change the following option



To find this you are able to use Ctrl+W


100M will be a good number for general uses


You will next need to change the next option.




This should be set to the same number as upload_max_filesize.


After this is complete you will want to run the following command.

      service httpd restart

This will have the changes you made to PHP.ini to take effect immediately.


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