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Setting up Hostwinds VPN on Android (4.0+ only)

This guide walks you through how to successfully set up the Hostwinds VPN service on your Android-based mobile device.

You will need


  1. Unzip the Hostwinds TBLK file to a convenient location, and transfer the files to your Android over USB or your personally preferred method.

  2. Open the OpenVPN Connect app.

  3. Tap on the app?s menu button and tap Import.

  4. Tap Import Profile from SD card.

  5. Navigate to the location on your Android that you saved the files you transferred in at the start of this procedure. ?Select Hostwinds-VPN.ovpn. ?Tap Select.

  6. Use the username and password that was sent to you in the Hostwinds VPN Information email you received, and fill in the appropriate blanks. ?We do not recommend using the save password feature if you do not require a password, PIN or pattern to unlock your phone. ?Tap Connect.

  7. You should connect successfully after a moment or two.

Extra considerations

In the Preferences screen of OpenVPN connect, there are some handy features you may want to consider. ?These are optional features.

  • Battery Saver. ?You may be able to stretch your battery a little farther by pausing the VPN when the screen is blanked. ?Be aware this may allow your device to send data over whatever network you?re currently connected to instead.

  • Seamless Tunnel. ?No other apps or the Android system will be able to access the Internet when the VPN is paused or reconnecting. ?Note this still depends on OpenVPN ?Connect running.

  • Reconnect on boot. ?Automatically start the VPN and connect after boot.

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