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Setting up HostWinds VPN on Windows

After purchasing the VPN service from Hostwinds, you will receive a product welcome e-mail notifying you of your username and password. Keep this information in a secure place,?as you will be using this information further along in this guide.

Also in this e-mail is a link to the VPN Client Launcher.
Click on this link to download it.

If you are warned that this file may be unsafe, click keep.

Once the launcher has downloaded, click it to run the installer.

Once it is done installing the client, locate the shortcut to Hostwinds VPN Client on your desktop.

Double-click the shortcut to launch the client.

It will then prompt you to install the TAP-Windows Device.

You do not need to change any settings in the installer - just run a default installation.


The Hostwinds VPN Client will now launch and, after updating, you will be presented with this window:


Locate your username and password provided to you in your product welcome e-mail and enter them into the text boxes.
Once you have entered your login credentials, click the red lock to connect.

That's it! You are now surfing the web anonymously and securely!

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