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How to control your Enterprise DDoS Protection?

Hostwinds has enabled our clients the ability to modify their protection settings from their client area!

To do so, login to your client area, and navigate to Services -> My Services.

Now, select 'View Details' next to your Enterprise DDOS Protection service.

You will see your protected IP under "IP" and the current protection status, as well as Layer 7 Filtering status.

To change this, simply click on the current status, and you will be provided with the options you can change.

Our Enterprise DDoS Protection offers 3 protection modes -

  • Disabled ? : Not being protected
  • Enabled ? ?: Protection is always on
  • Automatic: Protection is disabled, and in the event of an attack the protection will automatically re-enable

Layer 7 Filtering offers 2 protection modes -

  • Disabled: Protection for Layer 7 is not enabled
  • Enabled : Layer 7 protection is enabled

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