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Hostwinds Support Pin

Hostwinds now offers the ability for our clients to provide us with a Support Pin, that is setup from the client area, to provide support via livechat and phone.

To set your Support Pin

  1. Login to your Hostwinds client area https://clients.hostwinds.com/clientarea.php
  2. Click on the link underneath the Hello, YourName! and select Edit Account Details
  3. At the bottom of the page, set your 4 digit Support Pin, and save your changes


Now, when you call in, or speak with one of our Support Technicians via Livechat and provide them with your Support Pin for verification, they will be able to assist you with most basic support issues without your needing to login and respond via ticket.

Clients will still need to verify via ticket for any requests for cancellations, billing requests, reinstalls, or any removal of files.

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