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White Label Reseller

When it comes to White Lable Reseller it can be a bit confusing compared to all the different Reseller pacakges that are out there. 

White Label Reseller hosting allows you to start your very own hosting business. We provide you with all the tools you need to succeed online! White Label Reseller hosting gives you access to our full product line of Shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated servers, all branded under your logo. Using WHMCS, the premier client billing management tool, you will be able to create, track and bill clients with ease. White Label Reseller will give you everything you need to succeed as a hosting company so why wait?

The Goal of White Lable reseller is to appear as if you are you own Web Hosting company, currently with our White Label Reseller, you would be able to resell any of our Services and most of our add ons like SSLs, VPSs, Shared Web Hosting, and Dedicated Servers. All branded through you, but powered by Hostwinds. 

What is included with White Label reseller is as follows:

1. What's included

  • 1 WHMCS  License
  • 1 cPanel account with 1 domain limit and unlimited subdomains, file storage, ftp users and more to manage your WHMCS backend -- NOTE: $1.00 Charge for Dedicated IP on White Label Resellers cPanel account.
  • A Free Domain

2. Abilities as a White Label Reseller

  • The ability to resell our VPSs (Budgets VPS, Windows VPS, SSD VPSs).
  • The ability to resell our Shared Web Hosting (Dedicated IPs may be purchased for Shared Web Hosting accounts)
  • The ability to resell our Dedicated Servers that are featured on our Dedicated Server Page: https://www.hostwinds.com/dedicated.php
  • SSLs. Windspeed, Windshield, cPanel Licenses.

3. Customization

Currently Hostwinds does not perform Web Development or Web Design services, as such you may want to familiarize your self with WHMCS templates, and how WHMCS can be configured as such we recommend checking out WHMCS help documentation.

4. Client Support

Currently the main point of being a White Lable reseller is to in effect become a Web Hosting company your self, as such, when your clients are having support issues, they would need to submit a ticket to you, and then you would be able to submit a ticket to us via your Hostwinds client area with a detailed description of the issue and which user and account it is affecting.

5. Discounts

Products                                  Discount                          
Purchased                               Received*
  • 1 TO 5                         5 %
  • 6 TO 10                       8 %
  • 11 TO 20                     10 %
  • 21 TO 30                     15 %
  • 31 TO 40                     17.5 %
  • 41 & MORE                  20 %

6. How payments work

When your client visists your site that you are selling the products on, when they go to checkout, and select pay for product, your WHMCS sends a request to our API system, which deducts the order amount from your Hostwinds account credit or from your credit card on file. We do not offer a Payment Gateway at this time, as such you would need to contact a Bank, or another finacial instituition to help you with setting up a Payment Gateway. 

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