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Help! My Website has been hacked!

My website was hacked. What should I do?

First off, if your site was hacked, you have our sympathy. It's really frustrating – not only because it's troublesome to your visitors, but it's really difficult to completely remove the hack.

There are many ways to resolve the issue, but we're going to cover the fastest and easiest way to fix your website.

Are you sure it's hacked?

Unless your website has obviously been defaced, go to http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=your domain name — if your website has been hacked, it should show a warning here.

If this doesn't show an error, it's possible your website has still been compromised, but it's less likely.

Change your passwords

If your site's been hacked, you need to immediately change all of your passwords. We recommend using strong passwords.

To make sure you use the right instructions, find out what type of hosting account you have.

If you have a backup of your website (and database) that you know wasn't corrupted, you should re-upload it to your hosting account.

Restore from backup

If you have Site Backup, you can do this really easily (cPanel / Plesk / Web & Classic).

If you don't have a backup tool, after resolving the issue, we recommend adding Site Backup to your account.


Identify & fix the weakness

To prevent your site from getting hacked again, you should identify how your site was compromised. There are two types of weaknesses: passwords and structural problems.


Most hacks happen because the attacker was able to guess your account's password by brute force. By simply changing your password (and using a stronger one this time), you can prevent these attacks from succeeding in the future.


What Can Hostwinds do for me?

As we are not Web Designers, or Developers, we do not currently write, modify or manipulate any code our client puts on their Hosting account. What we can do for you however is, we can begin a Malware scan and remove any maliocus files, and if you have subscribed to one of our backup solutions, we would be able to restore from one of the backups. However if you have not subscribed to our backup solutions, you would need to restore your site using one of your backups. If you do not have a backup, there isn't much we can do, as we would not be able to go through your code and remove the malware/hacked material for you. You may want to contact a Developer and ask for assistance in removing any code that does not belong on your service. 

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