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How to change cPanel password through WHM

Resetting a cPanel password

  1. Log into your WHM interface.

  2. Click on the Account Functions option in the left hand menu.

  3. Click on the Password Modification tool. This can be done either from the left menu or the main panel.

  4. Select the account you wish to change the password for by highlighting it in the list.

  5. Enter the new password in the Password field. Optionally, you can have the WHM generate a random password using the Password Generator button.
    NOTE: Be sure to write down the password as you will not be able to see it after leaving this page.
  6. Click on the Change Password button to save the new password.

Now the cPanel user can use the new password to access their cPanel. WHM does not automatically notify anyone of the new password so you will need to let the cPanel manager know the new password if it is someone other than yourself.

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