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A Beginners Guide to cPanel

A Beginners Guide to cPanel:


1. Lets start with Preferences / Update Contact Info...

This is important to keep updated as the information provided here will be used by the server to contact you about completed backups and any errors cPanel might find.

2. Lets look at the stats column...

  • This column informs you how may e-mail accounts you have, shows you your Home Directory, and much more.
  • If you look at the bottom of the "stats column", you will see your PHP version, Perl version, Mysql version.
  • Clicking "Service Status" it will show you more details about whats going on with the server such as load, running Services, and how much RAM is being used in the system.

Note: For more detailed information if you can't find it in our Knowledge Base at the very bottom of your cPanel home page is a link called "Documentation".

This is a complete manual provided by cPanel including information on what every item in cPanel does.


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