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Definition of WHM Functions

Definition of WHM Functions: 

Server Configuration:

Basic cPanel & WHM Setup - Basic server settings.



Configure Customer Contact - Configure the support options available to your cPanel Users.



Locate XML Downloads - Download a locale for editing.

View Available Locales - Shows a list of available locales.


Cluster/Remote Access:

Configure Cluster - This is for configuring a "cluster" (Set of Servers).

Setup Remote Access Key - Helps setup a "Remote Access Key".


Server Status:

Server information - Displays the server Information.

Service Status - Shows the status of services and the server.


Account Information;

List Accounts - ( IMPORTANT ) Lists all the accounts you have created.

List Parked Domains - Shows a list of "Parked Domains".

List Subdomains - Shows a list of "Subdomains".

List Suspended Accounts - Shows a list of all accounts you have suspended.

Search Accounts - Provides you with the ability to search through your accounts by domain, username, reseller/owner, package, and IP address.

Show Accounts over Quota - Shows a list of Accounts that have exceeded their "Quota".

View Bandwidth Usage - Shows you the total bandwidth usage.


Account Functions:

Create a New Account - (Important) This allows you to create an account just enter the details and then click "Create" and you will have added an account.

Disable or Enable Demo mode - Allows you to "enable or disable" the "demo mode" of cPanel / WHM.

Force Password Change - Allows you to force password changes.

Limit Bandwidth Usage - Allows you to limit a accounts bandwidth usage.

Modify an Account - Allows you to modify a account.

Modify Suspended Account Page - Allows you to create a custom suspended page.

Password Modification - Changes the password of an account.

Quota Modification - Allows you to modify the disk quota of an account.

Rearrange an Account - (If your server allows) You can modify the mount point of an account.

Skeleton Directory - Allows you to make a custom page setting giving any new accounts a default look/page.

Suspend/Unsuspend an Account - Allows you to suspend/unsuspend an account.

Terminate an Account - (Caution) Completely removes account including data!

Upgrade/Downgrade an Account - Gives you the abbility to upgrade and downgrade an account.

Web Template Editor - Allows you to create placeholder web pages.


Multi Account Functions:

Modify/Upgrade Multiple Accounts - Allows you to Upgrade/Downgrade multiple accounts at once.

Terminate Multiple Accounts - (Caution) Completely removes multiple accounts including data!



Install FrontPage Extentions - Assists you at installing "FrontPage extentions" to an account.

Install FrontPage mail Extentions - Assists you at installing "FrontPage mail extentions" to an account.

Uninstall FrontPage Extentions - Assists you at removing "FrontPage extentions" to an account.



Change WHM Theme - Alloows you to change the "WHM Theme"



Add a Package - Allows you to create custom packages for new accounts.

Delete a Package - Removes a package from being available durring new account creation.

Edit a Package - Modifies an existing packages resources.

Feature Manager - Allows you to disable/enable features inside of each users cPanel.


DNS Functions;

Add a DNS Zone - Allows you to add custom DNS Zones.

Delete a DNS Zone - Allows you to remove DNS Zones.

Edit DNS Zone - Allows you to edit DNS Zones.

Edit MX Entry - Allows you to edit MX Records (Mail).

Edit Zone Templates - Allows you to edit the default zones that are used when creating DNS entries.

Park a Domain - Allows you to park current domains

Reset a DNS Zone - ( Caution ) Allows you to Reset a DNS Zone.



Mail Troubleshooter - Will track down problems with e-mail.



Branding - Allows you to customize the look and feel of cPanel.

Change Log - The cPanel/WHM change log.

Modify cPanel & WHM News - Shows news on your users cPanel and WHM pages.

Shopping Cart Reset -  Resets the shopping cart of a account.

Syncronize FTP Passwords - This is used to repair any FTP password issues that exist.



Generate a SSL Certificate and Signing Request - A form that requests a SSL certificate be generated.

Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain - This is were you upload the crt file for your SSL certificate.

Manage SSL Hosts - Manages your SSL hosts.

Purchase & Install SSL Certificate - cPanels recommended SSL vendor.


Restart Services:

DNS Server (BIND/NSD) - Restarts your DNS server.

E-Commerce Server (Interchange) - Restarts E-commerce server.

FTP Server (ProFTPd/PureFTPd) - Restarts FTP server.

HTTP Server (Apache) - Restarts HTTP server.

IMAP Server (Courier/Dovecot) - Restarts IMAP server.

Mail Server (Exim) - Restarts mail server.

Mailing List Manager (Mailman) - Restarts mailing list manager.

POP3 Server (cPPOP) - Restarts POP3 server.

SQL Server (MySQL) - Restarts SQL server.

SSH Server (OpernSSH) - Restarts SSH server.

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