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How to fill out an IP Justification form

How to fill out an IP Justification form:

In assigning IPv4 and IPv6 address space to Internet subscribers, Hostwinds takes guidance from assignment policies and procedures set forth by ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) Number Resource Policy Manual, RFC 2050, and RFC 3177.

In order to justify an IP address space assignment, we ask that you please completely fill out the IP request form located here, this form needs to be filled out entirely. We have included instructions below for properly filling out an IP Justification Form.

Section I: Customer Information

This section is for you to provide your name, address, city/state, as well as your Zip Code. This information is protected by our privacy policy and we will not share it with anyone, ever.

Section II: Current IPv4 Address Space Utilization

This section of the form is where you put any IP space that you currently have with Hostwinds. You simply need to put the number of addresses, the date they were assigned, and the percentage you are currently using. Please not that in order to qualify for new IP space you must be using at least 80% of your currently assigned space. If you were given IP's on different date's you need to clarify this by specifying each allocation on a different row.  Please note if this is the first time Hostwinds is asking you to fill out an IP request form, this section should be left blank, even if the IP's have already been assigned to your server.

Section III: IPv4 Address Space Request

This section of the form is where you specify how many IP addresses you are actually requesting. You need to be VERY detailed in the planned usage section of the IP space, outlining what you are using the IP's for, how this usage relates to your business. It really helps if you provide true technical reasons for needing the IP addresses. It is very important that you are as detailed as possible when filling out this section of the form, because we can not allocate the IP addresses unless the form is up to ARIN's standards.

Section IV: Planned Usage for Requested IPv4 Address Space

This section of the form is where you explain in more detail what the usage of each IP you are requesting will be used for. For example if you are requesting 10 IP's total, and you plan to use 2 of them for websites with SSL certificates, 3 of them for IRC Servers, and the other 5 of them for VPN's, then you would need to specify this in this section. With each row pertaining to the total number of IP's you plan to use for that  purpose, the planned usage now, and how much you plan to be using in 3 months.


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