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How to restore a backup via WHM

How to restore a backup via WHM:

If you're looking to create a cPanel backup, please refer to our guide on that below:


Once you have this backup as a public link, it's easy to restore...

1. SSH into your VPS. This can be done by downloading PuTTy (http://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/latest/x86/putty.exe)

  • Enter 'root@' and then your server's IP.
  • Click OPEN.
  • The password is your root password.



2. Type in the following:

    (replacing the 'http://domain.com/backupname.tar.gz' with your public backup link).


wget http://domain.com/backupname.tar.gz


3.  Once the download has completed, move it to the home folder like so, again replacing 'backupname.tar.gz' with your actual backup name:


mv backupname.tar.gz /home/


4. Type the following:


cd /home/


5. Now to restore the backup to your VPS: 

   Type in the following within PuTTy

   (replace 'backupname.tar.gz' with your actual backup name):


/scripts/restorepkg --force /home/backupname.tar.gz


6. Your site should be restored on the VPS.


NOTE: If there are any errors, feel free to make a ticket and we'd love to help you out.


Need Additional Help? Go to "Live Chat" on the Hostwinds web site if you require further assistance.

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