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How to prevent resource usage notifications

How to prevent resource usage notifications:


Occasionally, users may have a larger or more intensive websiteOften times, this is related to WordPress

In this article, we will share a few tips to optimize your site as well as speed it up for quicker load times - the first is installing a cache plugin.

This is useful if you are over on CPU usage as it stores a 'snap shot' of your website and can serve pages quicker.

We recommend the Super Cache plugin as it is quick and easy to install.Installing a cache plugin is the first of many steps.

Often times, users go crazy with plugins. Take a look at the plugins and remove the ones you do not really need, or the ones that are particularly
resource intensive -  such as backup plugins. Backcups can be effectively accomplished through cPanel instead, which covers ALL of your files.

The next trick you may try is using a different theme. Some Wordpress themes are bloated, oversized, and poorly written.

You may read some additional tips for optimizing Wordpress here.


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