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How to install Windows zPanel X

How to install Windows zPanel X:

Disable IE ESC Start,administrative tools, server manager
2. Disable UAC Start,Control panel, search UAC take slider to the bottom

3. Download zpanel Stack and zpanel core http://www.zpanelcp.com/download
4. Install zpanel stack server
5. Reboot
6. Install zPanel Installer

7. Enter requested info eg. Full Name, admin e-mail, FQDN (srv.DOMAIN.com) once complete

8. Go to C:\zpanel, Open login_details.txt (contains your zadmin login info) module installations (Optional)
start type cmd , hit "Enter"

9. ZPX Support Ticket Module

zppy repo add zpxmod.net.tc/filebox/zpp
zppy update
zppy install support_ticket1

10. Zantastico X v1.0.5 (like fantastico, softaculous, only free and limited)

zppy repo add zppy-repo.mach-hosting.com
zppy update

zppy install zantasticox

11. File Manager (kfm), WebFTP (ftp_browser), Visitor Stats (visitor_stats) zppy repo add rustus.txt-clan.com

12. Login via webbrowser entering your main IP
13. Go to "module admin"
14. Enable plugins for all via 3 check boxes next to module names.

NOTE: Login URL is always http://IPADDRESS

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